ACE Controls International GmbH.

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ACE is well recognized as the global leader in industrial absorption technology and with a strong belief in local support, available worldwide, has grown a distribution and supply network able to engineer and support in all the industrial nations around the world. With over one hundred and twenty stocking distributors located in over forty five different countries, manufacturing on three continents and a commitment to innovation and development ACE is available to help you, wherever you are.

The ACE international team comprises of fully trained, well respected local distributors each serving a local community, supported by the ACE international staff of senior engineers and designers able to advise and customize equipment to each companies specific requirement. Our international support is enhanced by multi-lingual staff, high levels of stock held in all locations and the ability to respond rapidly to even the most complex technical questions. Over forty years of experience in the industrial deceleration field and the successful cooperation with some of the most prestigious engineering establishments and universities has given ACE the ability to develop complex simulation programmes proven time and again to be correct on live projects. These features are available to you, if you need just one small part or are developing a complete new range of products. ACE is here to help you.

ACE was first recognized in the linear deceleration market (industrial shock absorbers) but is also well known now for many other complementary products developed which assist in absorbing shock, controlling speeds, or even lifting loads.

Standard industrial shock absorbers from tiny M6 threaded unit up to units which can handle an enormous 126,500 NM per cycle. Purpose designed decelerators for specific environments. Emergency systems designed for those machines that will never fail, but have a habit of doing so when you least want them to. Speed controls to accurately control the speed of your equipment and obtain the optimum cutting speeds or for precise positional control. Gas springs, designed to give you the power to lift, lower or balance equipment as you require. Hydraulic brakes, a simple positive control for moving loads of all sizes. Rotary dampers, the modern necessity for luxury engineering for that esthetic feel at practical prices. ACE has even developed a simple no nonsense range of elastomeric dampers which can be used almost anywhere to give simple efficient damping protection.

With all these products and the vast experience available to you from both your local teams and the International support teams call ACE. We are here to help you.

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